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The Classic Series has
been discontinued.
What Is the JodyJazz Classic Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece?
The JodyJazz Classic Baritone Sax Mouthpiece is a "free blowing" easy to play mouthpiece that captures the full range of tonal qualities of the instrument. The low register of the saxophone is full, round and strong, while the upper register is warm sounding, and in tune. In addition, the altisimo register responds extremely well on the JodyJazz Classic Bari. The mouthpiece has a clean, focused sound with excellent projection, while maintaining extraordinary versatility. Excellent for the Baritone sax chair in a Jazz Band, or straight ahead jazz playing, and due to it's versatility, the JodyJazz blends nicely with a concert band or saxophone quartet.
Two Mouthpieces In One
For added brightness and volume, insert the spoiler and we feel that this Baritone sax mouthpiece can take on any job. Horn Sections, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Ska, Hip Hop, Smooth Jazz,Top 40, Duranguense, Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Compa, Tejano, Musica Popular Brasileira, etc... The spoiler allows you to cut through with as much power and edge as you need.
Three Goals in Creating the JodyJazz Classic Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece
  1. To create a free blowing Bari saxophone mouthpiece that is extremely versatile and has great altissimo notes as well as a huge bottom end.

  2. To offer a unique roundish square chamber Baritone sax mouthpiece which gives a more focused sound than a totally round chamber mouthpiece and to demand and achieve the most rigourous quality control possible.

  3. To make a Baritone saxophone mouthpiece that can sound as bright and strong as a metal sax mouthpiece, but costs much less than a metal mouthpiece.
JodyJazz Classic Baritone Sax Mouthpiece Price: $189
JodyJazz Small BuyNow Button The mouthpiece comes with Rico H Ligature and Cap, Cap, Spoiler and Deluxe Mouthpiece Pouch. Free USPS Priority shipping and handling included. (Click "Buy Now" button to see overseas shipping)
JodyJazz Classic Baritone Sax Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings
4 = .080    5 = .090    6 = .100   7 = .110   8 = .120   9 = .130  

Do you need a facing comparison chart? CLICK HERE to compare JodyJazz mouthpieces with other brands.
"Free Blowing Wonders" - Jazz Times
JodyJazz Classic Mouthpieces are made of a proprietary polycarbonate alloy with a synthetic rubber mix which is a high tech, expensive material. This is not like ABS plastic or any other kind of plastic material currently used for clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces. In fact the material that makes the JodyJazz Classic mouthpiece is six times more expensive than that used in other plastic mouthpieces. The formula to our material, which is a highly guarded secret, contains a certain amount of synthetic rubber which is a form of plastic that can be molded into parts that feel just like rubber. Because of the addition of the synthetic rubber, JodyJazz Classic Saxophone & Clarinet Mouthpieces, produce the warm overtones that hard rubber mouthpieces can produce while allowing us to use the manufacturing process know as precision injection molding. Besides being able to flawlessly produce the intricate forms and curves of a clarinet or saxophone mouthpiece, injection molding allows us to achieve uniform cooling. As each mouthpiece is molded it is dropped into a huge vat of cool water insuring that each mouthpiece cools at the same rate. Cooling is critical in this type of manufacturing as well as in the manufacturing of hard rubber mouthpieces because if cooling occurs at different temperatures than the mouthpieces will have slightly different dimensions due to shrinkage.

Special Notes on The Classic Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

Every JodyJazz mouthpiece is hand finished to insure the absolute best quality. In addition, each mouthpiece is individually play tested by Jody Espina to insure a perfect seal with the reed and proper response throughout the range of the saxophone.

The model name, "Classic", does not mean that this mouthpiece is for Classical Music. When Jody first started making mouthpieces, this was the first and only model that he had, so it was just called the JodyJazz. Once he created the next model which was the ESP, the first mouthpiece needed a model name. It was actually a customer who named the mouthpiece. He said to Jody, "Not the ESP, but your "Classic" model.

Saxophone & Clarinet Mouthpiece Removable Baffle Demo
What Does The Classic Do?
  • Clean Focused Sound
  • Free Blowing
  • Easy Altissimo
  • Responsive Low End
  • Power and Projection
  • Versatility
How Does The Classic Do IT?
  • Medium, Square Chamber
  • Precision - Injection Molded
  • Optimum Facing Length
  • Removable Wedge For Extra Power
  • Hand finished baffle and tip rail
  • Play tested by Jody Espina
The Classic Difference?
  1. Precision Injection Molding - Allows for extremely precise manufacturing.

  2. Unique Design - The unique inner and outer shape of the JodyJazz Classic Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece gives it a unique sound and feel. From the slim outer dimensions, to the inside with the baffle and chamber combination.

  3. Spoiler - Patented invention which makes the mouthpiece louder and brighter when it is inserted in the mouthpiece.
JodyJazz Classic Baritone Sax Mouthpiece Reviews
"Hi Thanks for sending me the mouthpieces, I am a Happy Guy. I kept the Classic and returned the ESP. Both of the mouthpieces had more volume and edge than the Famous Mouthpiece that I have been playing. The Classic had a little more projection and played better in tune than my Famous Mouthpiece Five star. The sound was similar and I am happy to now own that mouthpiece. The ESP GOLD was just a little too much edge and power for me (although I loved the volume and the projection it would take too much work for me to be able to control the power) since I don't play Baritone everyday I sent it back to you. Thanks a lot for your assistance.
Cheers! "
- Chris Murphy

" Hi again.
I got my bari mouthpiece some days ago, and I'm extremely satisfied with the sound of this piece...its great! What a volume, and what full nice sound it really know your stuff Jody! I'm feeling like Doc Kupka from Tower of power now... Well, thanks for the mouthpieces...they will be played!
All the best "
-Magne Falk, Sweden