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ESP series has been discontinued.
What Is ESP Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece?
The JodyJazz ESP is a 24kt Gold-Plated metal tenor saxophone mouthpiece with flawless workmanship. The workmanship is evident in the beautiful thin side and tip rails and hand cut baffles. This metal sax mouthpiece is CNC machined from a solid bar of the finest virgin brass, meaning no seams! The ESP is completely hand faced.
Classic Straight-Ahead Sound
The chamber is big and fat, and the sound is unusually full. Compared to many of the high baffle metal sax mouthpieces, the JodyJazz ESP Tenor will deliver a round full sound with more bottom end without sacrificing high end or ease of playing.
Three Goals in Creating the ESP Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
  1. To create a metal tenor saxophone mouthpiece that has a deep chamber yet does not play stuffy.

  2. To give the mouthpiece the ability to play modern styles when the removable baffle is inserted in the mouthpiece and traditional styles when the removable baffle is out of the mouthpiece.

  3. To make a metal saxophone mouthpiece with a slimmer outer shape and without a duckbill beak. This shape is more comfortable for some players.
JodyJazz ESP Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings
  5 = .080 = .090   7 = .100   7* = .105     9 = .120   10 = .130

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From Jody Espina
The ESP for Tenor Sax will appeal to the Straight Ahead player looking for the best playing and sounding mouthpiece that he or she can find. The ESP occupies a similar place as the DV NY. Players who like more of a Berg Larsen focused sound and a thinner profile piece may prefer the ESP. I believe that the JodyJazz ESP is a metal tenor saxophone mouthpiece for the future that takes the best from the past.
"Straight-Ahead +"
The ESP Tenor Saxophone mouthpiece is a saxophone mouthpiece for everyone. Traditional Jazz players will find a warm, round sounding piece that can produce the sounds of Coltrane, Rollins and Getz. Players looking for a more contemporary sound will love this tenor saxophone mouthpiece with the spoiler in. You will have more projection/volume and a bright crisp clean sound. This combination can easily produce the contemporary sounds of Michael Brecker, Kirk Whalum, Grover Washington, Eric Marienthal etc.

The ESP tenor sax mouthpiece has straight sidewalls and a chamber shape that is reminiscent of the bullet chamber. This combination seems to help players who are seeking more focus to their tone, yet are not seeking a bright tone.

The removable baffle with it's 24kt Gold Plated secondary reed makes the ESP one of the most versatile metal mouthpieces in the world. Dark, lush and warm without the baffle, this metal sax mouthpiece is brighter, louder and still warm with it. If you can think it, the ESP can play it.
What Does The ESP Do?
  • Rich Classic Jazz Tone
  • Free Blowing
  • Full High Register
  • Responsive Low Register
  • Focused Pure Tone
  • Super Versatility
  • Excellent Section Blending
How Does The ESP Do It?
  • Deep Chamber
  • CNC Machined for Precision
  • Thin Side and Tip Rails
  • 24kt Heavy Gold Plating
  • Removable Wedge For Extra Power
  • Play Tested by Jody Espina
  • Hand finished baffle, tip rail and table
The ESP Difference
  1. The hand filed rollover baffle gives the ESP a nice little boost of liveliness, especially for a deep chamber mouthpiece.

  2. Very deep chamber allows for a unique fullness of sound.

  3. Fully hand faced and polished table give a very silky smooth feel to the way the reed vibrates.
Special Notes on The ESP Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
The Removable Wedge is called the Spoiler. The Spoiler is a patented invention. It adds volume (projection) and brightness to the mouthpiece. Spoilers consist of a wedge which creates a higher baffle giving the mouthpiece a brighter more cutting sound. Attached to the wedge is a small 24kt Gold Plated metal "reed" which actually vibrates when air is blown into the mouthpiece. This vibration disturbs the air stream causing more complex harmonics and creating more volume. This device slips easily in and out of the mouthpiece. It's like having two mouthpieces in one.
The ESP, and Classic models are the only JodyJazz mouthpieces that come with a spoiler. The spoiler will not fit in any other mouthpieces. Please bear in mind that the spoiler takes up space inside the mouthpiece, therefore when the spoiler is in the mouthpiece you will probably be pulled out just a little bit compared to when the spoiler is out of the mouthpiece.