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"The tone was very focused and with a little push sounded like an incredibly good metal Otto Link. The range of sounds the Giant can produce is remarkable. The Giant was absolutely stellar on the jazz gigs and held up quite well on the loud stuff considering it is not a "paint peeler" The response and tone were even in all registers, and articulation was nice and clean. And thats not all: The altissimo range absolutely killed. It's a truly unique product, combining elements of both hard-rubber and metal pieces in a way that could appeal to players of either camp. It plays like crazy. Whether you prefer hard-rubber or metal, check out the GIANT - there really is nothing else quite like it out there."

Steve Eisen - Downbeat Magazine
"Greetings from Australia A thousand thank you's for your Giant tenor mouthpiece. It is quite simply awesome. After playing professionally for 35 years, i've pretty much played them all, and the Giant just blows my other pieces away. Don't get me wrong, my other pieces are great playing mouthpieces, but most of them really only do one thing. For me, the Giant does it all. Fat, rich sound for acoustic jazz, enough edge to cut through in an electric gig, and all with power to boot. Congratualtions on producing such a wonderful mouthpiece. Thanks again for the great mouthpiece. Best regards. Ralph Franke"

Ralph Franke Giant Tenor Mouthpiece, West Beach, Adelaide, Australia
"Jody, John and Danielle, Just one more email response and I will leave you guys alone. I played the GIANT 7* in rehearsal this evening. The blend was noticeably better in the ensemble, the intonation was exemplary at all volume levels and ranges, the response was immediate, and the dynamic range and tonal consistency were just plain fabulous. The piece is so much easier to control, and I am gonna love soloing with it as well. Most of all, quite simply, I absolutely love the sound of it with my Yanni 991. I am using VanDoren JaZZ 2.5 reeds. I could not be more pleased. The mp is everything that is described on your website, and now I sound like the demo by Arno Haas! Well, except that I cannot play as well. Best regards, Bruce "

Bruce Henderson , Canton, NC,
"Dear Jody, I just wanna say how much I love your mouthpieces. I've been playing your mouthpieces for the last 5 years and you guys down do great work. I have both you Tenor classic, HR, and just recently the Giant. The Giant is some of your best work yet for me, its the mouthpiece I've been looking for. Thank you - William Hopkins"

William Hopkins, Atlanta, GA, US